Join TwendeHome today and represent Kenya to your American community. Tell your story and ask them to join you on an adventurous holiday to our homeland. Relax and enjoy, we do the work while you have fun making money.

As a Twendehome Ambassador you will get the wonderful opportunity to represent Kenya to an audience of your American community, while providing an additional income stream for yourself. Ultimately, you have the chance to enjoy firsthand the natural/cultural heritage of our homeland. Leading to a renewed pride of home and a strengthening of the relationships with those who join you on your African adventure.

  • Show off the best of Kenya to your friends and associates.

  • Relax, as you are not expected to do any work apart from keeping your group engaged. We do all the work on the ground.

  • Feel no pressure about “selling” to your friends and associates as we will support you fully in telling the Kenya story and explaining each itinerary.

  • Enjoy the full experience with your group.

  • Generate some side income. The larger the group the more money you can make.

  • Visit places in Kenya that you have only heard of and not yet visited.

  • Twendehome reps have a wealth of experience so you can be confident that your group will have a great time.

  • Each trip will indirectly contribute to the local economy and the lives of the tour drivers, guides, waiters and a host of Kenyans who help make your trip a success.

  • Demystify your origins and that of your country of birth.


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